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 The departures process consists of several steps, which are applied to all airports.

First step – Airport Procedure

The first thing to do before the flight is to go through the check-in process. Check-ins can be done online, at least 24 hours prior to departure, during which passengers can reserve preferable seats. Reservation details needed are - Passport information and Email Address. Completed check-in information will be sent right to the indicated Email. There are special rules for people flying to or from the USA as they need to have and register their immigration information. 

Second Step – Security Check

This step is very important, as all passengers are being checked on the existence of the banned items. This step is the warranty of safety for all the passengers going on board, the whole airport and for the countries of arrival.

The first step during the security check includes putting the baggage on a special tray that is assigned for the electronic screening. A particular officer sees all items of the carry-on luggage through the special screen and rates whether they are safe to travel with.

All coins or metallic objects like keys, belts, and phones should be put on a different special tray.

Women, in the last months of the pregnancy, should have permission documents from their doctors that they are able to handle the flight.


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